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Améo Entune

Full Spectrum Transdermal Square


Find out Why the Améo ENTUNE CBD oil Square Shaking up the industry and is alsochanging the way we think about CBD and it’s uses. 

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Zija International has been creating and revolutionizing the natural health space for well over a decade bring scinence based, tested and proven products that we desperatly need.  Moringa Nutrition, Ripstix Sport Supplements, GenM skin care, and Améo Essential oils along with it’s AGX line that targets our gene expression. Along this same drive to bring the best products to market Zija understands the power and benefits of CBD Oil that is why they developed a Full Spectrum 24hr transdermal square that delivers a sustained release of CBD oils and other beneficial constituents. Have a look and see for your self.

What Makes ENTUNE Unique

ENTUNE is so unique for so many reasons. It contains two forms of CBD Oil, a water-soluble CBD powder and CBD Oil this unique feature allows for a rapid initial release and then a sustained 24hr release to maintain CBD levels and the positive effects.

Why Transdermal Delivery?

Transdermal is the perfect delivery method for so many reasons. The key reasons are the bioavailability of transdermal is approaching Intravenous administration. Other CBD oils are usually ingested and bioavailability is drastically reduced down to 3%- 20% because of fist pass metabolism some studies have shown.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil  

Hemp is rich in many phytocannabinoids Including the CBD oil, but in addition there are also fatty acids, plant sterols, terpenes, cholorophyll, vitamin E as well as CBG, CBN and CBC. Améo ENTUNE also contains CoQ10, Cat’s claw and willow bark


Watch as Dr Scott Johnson demonstrates the unique advantage that Améo ENTUNE has over other delivery methods. The two forms of CBD Oil deliver a sustained release for 24hours.

Entune Bioavailability

This chart shows the benefits of the Dual CBD Oil sources and the Sustained delivery. The improved bioavailablily with allow you to experience all the benefits and affects of CDB oil, as well as being easier on your liver than the oral method.

"This square is absolutely beyond amazing. No soreness! I am a firm, firm believer in this product and will use it 100% from here on out."


– Rich Siem -Améo Entune product user

"I loved the focus, good and positive outlook, and overall sense of well-being."


– Gary Scott -Améo Entune product user

"I placed the sample Améo Entune Square on my shoulder in the morning and immediately noticed relief the next morning."


–  Dwayne Dyer -Améo Entune product user

"I didn't expect the feeling of overall well-being"

– Sandra Sullivan -Améo Entune product user

"After using the first patch i felt calm, a calm like i have never felt before. I also noticed that I slept better and had less neck tension"

-Rachael Clark -Améo Entune product user

"I felt calm all day and slept well that night"


– Melissa Mieszczanski -Améo Entune product  user


"The first thing my wife and I noticed was being able to sleep through the night uninterrupted. We actually felt rested. We had no morning aches getting out of bed. We also noticed that we had more energy throughout the day and into the night"

-Anselmo Villareal Jr. -Améo Entune product user

"What didn't I love? The wonderful Sleep, no anxiety, good mood, and lessened neck tension."

-Tracie Cashi -Améo Entune product user



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